Spatial Relations | Designed Exteriors | Boulder and Metro Denver, Colorado
At Spatial Relations we understand landscape architecture and exterior design require a dynamic balance of design, art, and nature.
Designed Interiors, Interior Design, Exteriors, Landscape Design, Boulder, Colorado, Denver Colorado
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Designed Interiors + Exteriors | Boulder and Metro Denver, Colorado

Landscape architecture and design require a dynamic balance of design, art, and nature. At Spatial Relations, we understand this balance and the primacy of the role of nature. It is both an inspiration and a force that keeps working its magic on any design long after the designer’s role is finished.

Our Services

  • Consulting—We also understand the special relationship of the homeowner and the designer. You likely have a vision—if not of what your grounds will look like, then of the effect you want them to have on your overall home site and lifestyle.
  • Planning + Design—We can help you realize your heart’s desire, by crafting gardens, walkways, green spaces, and water features that are environmentally appropriate, seasonally delightful, and economically and practically sustainable.
  • Landscaping—We’re especially appreciated for our integration of water, topography, and plantings. At Spatial Relations we respect nature far too much to compete with it. Instead, in a wonderful turnabout, we nurture nature!
You will always be in charge—with our support—of choosing what suits you best.