Spatial Relations | The process of designing interiors + exteriors
The 4 steps we take with every client before beginning a design project.
meet, assess, design, implement
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Our Process

Designed Interiors + Exteriors | Boulder and Metro Denver, Colorado

There are four steps we take with every client before beginning a design project


Contact us by phone, email, or website to set up an appointment to visit your home or office—wherever the  space is that you want to design or redesign.


This visit is complimentary.


While at your space, we will discuss your needs to understand your specific requirements, tastes, preferences, and budget.


Before we start designing, it is paramount that we learn about you and your family, a process that will continue throughout our collaboration. This ensures that we create a space that is best suited to your needs and desires. We will provide you with alternate solutions to fulfill your needs.


We will present recommendations in which we will show concepts that will meet your goals for the design project.


You will always be in charge—with our knowledgeable support—of choosing the solution that suits you best.


Upon your approval of the recommendations, we will establish a timetable and budget and a phased approach to implementation.


We sign a contract to accomplish the work.

You will always be in charge—with our support—of choosing what suits you best.