Spatial Relations | Television + Electronics Clutter
Our environments can nurture and enhance our lives. What Spatial Relations does is “nurture nature”—both inside and outside your home—by solving design issues and introducing living and manmade materials to enhance your sense of place and comfort.
Designed Interiors, Interior Design, Exteriors, Landscape Design, Boulder, Colorado, Denver Colorado
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Television + Electronics Clutter

Do designers ever show their sad undone moments? The Ubiquitous TV and all it’s elements take over our daily lives and contribute to an unusual necessary evil in the interior design of the american family, living room, bedroom and kitchen.
The visual clutter of it all. UGH! Lets see how Spatial Relations design team mitigates the unfinished black hole on the wall: cost, technology, people and the conclusion it requires to create a restful family room. I do not like to see wires, EVER ! Yet here they are, everyday.

Hunter Margolf
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